пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.

Еще одна обновка

Итак, забираем очередной (шестой) сервис пак для Robot.
Вышел для всех  версий RSA 2011.
Список изменений:
  1. Removing the conflict that occurred when using Robot 2011 with other versions - correction of registering the software on start-up.
  2. Enabling the software start up (disabling the fatal error on start-up) if there is incorrect information about the page for downloading updates.
  3. Removing the problem with the import of DXF backgrounds on a 64-bit version.
  4. Improvement of stability and correction of fatal errors as specified in CER reports.
  1. Correction of values of moments of inertia for slabs - diaphragms defined without using FE.
  2. Correction of the unjustified change of the analysis type to non-linear when changing the definition of compatibility of nodes.
    Reinforced Concrete Design
  1. Enabling the printout of calculation notes and drawings for a list of objects (multiselection).
  2. Enabling the display of the Soil/Stability tab for objects exported from a structure to the RC Continuous Foundation Design module.
  3. Correction of the shear resistance for suspended loads.
    Steel Connections Design
  1. 64-bit version: correction of zero values of the plastic section modulus.
  2. TUBE TRUSS CONNECTION: Adding the overlooked control: brace failure check (Table 7.21) for EC3 calculations.
  3. FIXED/PINNED COLUMN BASE: Unification of a value of the coefficient n=Ea/Eb for CM66 calculations.
  4. FRAME KNEE: Correction of properties of tapered sections for the verification of the column web stability.
    Steel Members Design
  1. Correction of the calculation and check of deflection from live loads for a member with a defined camber.

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