пятница, 16 октября 2020 г.

Dynamo в Robot

 Открыто тестирование Dynamo для Robot 2021 - https://feedback.autodesk.com/key/RSA_Feedback

После установки, дополнение появится в меню программы:

среда, 8 апреля 2020 г.

Robot 2021

Снова весна и вновь новая версия Robot приходит на наши рабочие станции.
Что нового (список из бета версии и возможно будет чуть позже уточнен):

Нормы проектирования:

Steel design and code checking:
Australia -  code update AS 4100-1998 Rec.16
New Zealand - code NZS 3404:1997
South Africa - code SANS 10162:2011
India - steel section database  IS12778

Steel Connections design:
Eurocode Polish NA  PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006/NA:2011

Новые возможности и улучшения:

Use a Local Copy of Network Files
You can now work from a temporary local copy of a structure model when working over a network. The file is synced with the source network file when saved and closed. This is useful when accessing projects with intermittent connectivity over a network.

Support for high-resolution monitors
Improved the general user interface behavior on high-resolution monitors. Dialog layouts, tables contents, graphics have been affected when the size of text and application were scaled.

Core Walls results improvements
Core Wall definition includes the definition of the local coordinate system.  Core wall diagrams can be displayed in the local direction unlike before they could be obtained in global coordinate system only. Core wall diagrams can be displayed on selected objects unlike before they were displayed for all core walls.

Sequential self-weight for stories
In order to simulate construction stages properly, we now introduce sequential loading for stories. Sequential self-weight functionality automatically builds construction stages for each story and finally collects results into a single load case. In the successive iterations, the deformations for a given story are calculated without considering the stiffness of the stories above.

Wind Simulation detailed pressure
Wind Simulation functionality applies resulting pressure to finite elements as a detailed map unlike before the pressure was applied as an averaged uniform load for the whole panel.
Many other issues with wind profile and simulation have been corrected as well.

Официальные ролики с обзором новых возможностей: