вторник, 28 июня 2022 г.

Первый Hotfix для Robot 2023

  Вышел первый hotfix для Robot 2023 устраняющий обнаруженные на старте баги новой версии. Скачать можно через Autodesk Desktop Application или Autodesk Accounts.

General Issues

·        Fixed an issue causing software instability in display visibility dialog.

·        Fixed an issue causing incorrect internal forces for single beams when selecting a load envelope in Load Take Down method.

·        Corrected shear modulus G value for user defined timber when saved to American Database.

Loads and Analysis

·        Fixed an issue causing misplaced loads displaying when displayed a member in a separate window.

·        Fixed an issue with linear loads on edges which are not applied correctly.

·        Corrected linear load double application to a panel with calculation model containing finite element mesh and load distribution by simplified method.

Steel Design

·        Corrected instabilities that might have happened in steel design module.

·        Corrected the selection of automatic combination component for steel connection verification in case of number of components exceeding 32 000.