среда, 11 апреля 2018 г.

Robot 2019

Встречаем новую версию Robot. В этой версии разработчики тоже практчески ничего не сделали:

Simulation and Analyses
The complete set of results is available for the harmonic analysis with non-zero damping. The time phase shifts of responses are now taken into account while calculating these results for different result components. The results are now stored in the composed load case with 360 components, each of which corresponds to the phase angle step of 1 degree.

Windows 10 Compatibility
As of this release, Robot is officially compatible with all 64-bit editions of Microsoft® Windows® 10.

Offline Help
Please note the following browser-specific considerations:
If you experience a problem launching offline Help in Microsoft® Edge, please launch it in Chrome.
When using Chrome, make sure all tabs are closed before you launch offline Help.