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Robot 2024

 Нова версія Robot скоро буде доступна до завантаження! Що зробили:


Model Calculations

Improved the performance for model generation with linear releases.

Enabled the manual definition of Short-Period Site Coefficient Fa and Long-Period Site Coefficient Fv for spectral seismic analysis according to the Canadian NBCC 2010, US ASCE 7-16, and IBC 2018 design codes.

Added notifications regarding design code limitations applicable to the equivalent lateral force method analysis.

Added units display for the base acceleration value 'ag' in the seismic analysis dialog and calculation notes.

Revit-Robot Structural Link

Enabled the assignment of the default Steel Design type in Robot when transferred from Revit, based on the analytical member Structural Role defined in Revit.

Enabled the roundtrip of steel design parameters between Revit and Robot.

Enabled the grid position update when edited in Revit and sent to the Robot model.

Enabled the transfer of arc members from Revit to Robot.

Enabled rigid link creation while transferring analytical links form Revit.

Documentation and Localization

Updated the verification manuals according to NAFEMS and AFNOR benchmark tests.

Corrected the language of the licensing dialog box so that it is opened with the working language in the program.

Updated the 'Job preferences' settings and default attribute labels applicable to the French regional settings.

Corrected the name of available seismic design codes for Monaco to reflect particular design code releases more accurately.

Corrected the user interface translations for the Portuguese-Brazilian language.


Integrated a new component for the product licensing.

Implemented tools for more accurate reporting of software use time (available for Premium Account managers).

Issues Resolved


Fixed an issue causing software instability while working with the Selection dialogs.

Fixed an issue causing software instability in the display visibility dialog window.

Fixed an issue causing software instability when selecting objects.

Fixed an instability issue when switching between provided reinforcement views and model view while changing display settings for the model.

Fixed an issue causing software instability in the Calculation dialog in the Steel/Aluminium Design layout.

Fixed an issue where the ‘Ignore analysis warning’ setting in Job Preferences was not saved.

Fixed an issue resulting in an inability to change a panel into a cladding.

Eliminated the recognition of double key shortcuts while editing tables.

Fixed an issue with displaying the scale for maps on members with missing default values for scale.

Corrected the behavior of the 'G' Kirchhoff modulus parameter value for new timber material definitions after saving in the 'Material' database.

Corrected the behavior of creating members in the table for the United States regional template when a steel section was checked against timber material properties.

Corrected the ‘Esc’ key behavior inside the Materials dialog in the Sections & Materials layout.

Fixed an issue with saving the vehicle definition for moving loads into databases.

Fixed instabilities with reviewing panel and member attributes in Inspector.

Fixed instabilities with working with backgrounds in the DXF format.

Fixed an issue when switching the structure template from Load Take-Down with backgrounds in the DXF format.

Fixed the issue with applying material from the US Timber database in Object Inspector.

Corrected the display of member section orientation when the model contains surface finite elements and deformations, or the exact deformation is displayed.

Fixed an issue causing redirection to non-existent help documentation when using the search tool.

Improved the behavior of one-key and two-key shortcuts in the graphical window.

Fixed an issue with removing load cases while opening a model in repair mode.

Corrected the reading of STR files containing finite elements on panels.

Loads and Combinations

Enabled a list of load cases in the Load Type dialog when opened in a table context.

Fixed issues with the misplaced loads display when editing a structure in a separate graphical window.

Corrected the behavior of linear loads on edges which were not applied correctly.

Corrected the total applied force and reaction for linear load defined by 2 points.

Improved visualization for linear loads on surface.

Corrected the display of loads for multiply cases selected where not all loads were displayed.

Fixed an issue with changing a load case number in the Loads table.

Corrected the display of tabs in the Loads dialog window.

Fixed an unintended deletion of notional loads when the ‘Delete empty loads’ option was used in the Loads table.

Model Calculations

Corrected the calculation of story mass when the ‘Disregard density’ option is enabled for modal analysis in the case of the Curtain Wall panel calculation model.

Improved the calculation of masses in modal analysis when the option to create the main node for floor diaphragm in the Stories parameters is enabled.

Corrected the calculation for panels with diaphragm calculation model where the mass was not considered in modal analysis.

Corrected calculation for panels with curtain wall calculation model which mass was not considered in modal analysis.

Corrected the application and distribution of linear loads on a panel.

Corrected an issue where the mass of panels not using finite elements was ignored in the calculation model reported in the calculation note.

Corrected the discrepancy between the values in the calculation note and the seismic case dialog for the ASCE and IBC seismic design codes, concerning the Seismic Design Category Based on SD1 parameter.

Corrected the calculations of the sequential self-weight load.

Corrected load to mass conversion for the 'force in point' load type where point coordinates for mass were incoherent.

Corrected the duplicated linear load application to a panel with calculation model containing finite element mesh and load distribution with simplified method.

Corrected an issue related to Load Take-Down analysis, in the situation when supported walls assigned to different levels were connected.

Corrected Load Take-Down analysis for walls with openings, such as door objects.

Corrected Load Take-Down analysis issues related to the configuration of nodal supports defined in bottom story walls.

Fixed an issue causing incorrect internal forces for single beams when selecting a load envelope in the Load Take-Down method.

Fixed an issue causing an unjustified error 5000 during Load Take-Down calculations.

Corrected spectrum definition and seismic response spectrum analysis according to NF EN 1998-1/Nice PPR/NA:2007 19 Juillet 2011.

Results Exploration

Corrected the results presentation in the graphical viewer for automatic combination components containing quadratic spectral combinations where the SRSS method was used regardless of the method set in Analysis Types.

Corrected reactions value for the linear load defined by 2 points, applied to panels.

Optimized the default settings for the 'Reduced Results for Panels' table improving display performance.

Corrected the reaction values resulting from load combinations in the Load Take-Down analysis.

Fixed the display of Load Take-Down load that were incorrectly divided between the bottom of the upper story and the top of the lower story. Currently the loads are displayed on top of the story.

Reinforced Concrete Design

Corrected the required reinforcement design procedure for members when the torsional moment should be neglected to a certain value according to the condition in the ACI 318-19 code.

Corrected the units for slab width on the dialog for beam parameters in the required reinforcement module.

Corrected the behavior of element selection in the Reinforced Concrete Component Inspector.

Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

Corrected the definition of stirrup spacing for non-English working language or Windows regional settings.

Corrected the user interface of advanced options for beam analysis according to the Canadian code CSA A23.3-04 - checkbox responsible for not implemented torsion analysis has been disabled.

Changed the warning concerning transverse reinforcement in seismic dispositions according to the NF EN 1992-1-1 code.

Corrected the invalid stirrup spacing where the spacing between shear assemblies should not exceed the ‘sl,max’ formula according to the SFS EN 1992-1-1 code.

Corrected the time units in the Story Parameters dialog box and Results Note description according to the EN 1992-1-1 code.

Corrected the default deflection limit for cantilever when no user-defined limit is set in the Calculation Options for the EN 1992-1-1 code.

Reinforced Concrete Column Design

Implemented the condition for min delta, according to the condition in the ACI318-14 and ACI318-19 codes.

Corrected the values for M2s and M2ns for the z-direction for the ACI318-14 and ACI318-19 codes.

Corrected buckling analysis for non-sway columns for ACI318-19 code.

Corrected a cross-section selection for column verification in ACI318-14 and ACI318-19 codes.

Changed the calculation method for the SLS biaxially bent verification to the method based on the stress distribution in the EN1992-1-1 code.

Reinforced Concrete Slab Design

Corrected slab reinforcement and minimal reinforcement areas according to article (1) of the NF EN 1992-1-1 code.

Steel Connections Design

Corrected the node selection in the structure model for steel connection creation.

Corrected the selection of the automatic combination component for steel connection verification in case the number of components exceeds 32 000.

Enhanced the Beam-Beam and Column-Beam verification according to article for the French NF EN 1993-1-8 code.

Improved the verification formulas responsible for including diagonal stiffeners in the Column-Beam connection capacity for the EN 1993-1-8 code.

Corrected the Beam-Beam and Frame Knee verification of welds area for cases where the plate connection geometry does not allow creating welds.

Fixed the calculations of the ‘beff,t wc’ parameter in the welded Beam-Column connection calculations in the case when the top edge of the beam is aligned with the top edge of the column, for the EN 1993-1-8 code.

Steel and Timber Design

Corrected the maximum moment presentation for the steel and timber design.

Corrected instabilities that might have happened in the steel design module.

Fixed an issue with the wrong design of groups of cantilever members for SLS combination components.

Removed unnecessary verifications between bending moments and shear forces from South African (SANS 10162-2011) and Canadian (CAN/CSA S16) steel design codes.

Corrected the k1 adaptation factor according to point for steel code calculation with fire provisions in EN 1993-1-2.

Corrected safety factor γM.fi in the calculation of critical temperature of steel for EN 1993-1-2.

Fixed an issue with incorrect section characteristics for the steel design of members defined with multiple elements and brackets in EN 1993-1-2.

Corrected the plastic modulus ‘Wpl’ value calculated by the steel design module for flat bar ‘PLAT’ profile from section databases.

Fixed an issue with the utilization ratio in timber design depending on if a single element is designed or if a list of elements is designed, for the NF EN 1995-1 code.

Removed obsolete Category for timber material, from the CB71 design code in the detailed results table.

Revit – Robot Structural Analysis Link

Enabled the analytical model transfer from Robot to Revit for the German Structural template.

Corrected the update of member and panel geometry from Robot to Revit.

Corrected the update of exported structures from Robot to Revit when the section rotation angle exceeds the range of (-180;180) degrees.

Corrected the display of structure deformation in Revit using Result Explorer.

Improved nodes behavior when a member is moved in Revit and updated in Robot, so there were isolated nodes created in Robot at the previous member position.

Improved the material transfer for panels in the Robot model when panels in Revit have the same thickness but different material.

Corrected the update of the panel contour containing arc segments in Robot after changes made in Revit.

Corrected the material and thickness update for panels in the Robot model after changes made in Revit.