вторник, 27 июля 2021 г.

Первый Hotfix для Robot 2022

 Вышла первая заплаточка для Robot 2022 устраняющая неприятные моменты новой версии. Скачать можно через Autodesk Desktop Application или Autodesk Accounts

General Issues

·        Resolved general issue with some functionalities stopped working when Revit 2022 HotFix 1 has been installed on the same machine.

·        Fixed an issue with the content of the command menu for construction types other than Shell model.

·        Enabled copying panels to earlier versions of Robot Structural Analysis.

·        Fixed an issue which caused the program to stop working while operating in the Object Inspector.

·        Fixed an issue causing software instability while reviewing the results tables.

·        Improved moving of labels, text, and descriptions in the main viewer.

·        Fixed an issue that caused the model to open in the Spanish regional settings when the file was saved in the Education version.

Loads and Combinations

·        Fixed an issue that caused the inability to enter a coefficient in the combination table.

·        Fixed an issue with displaying the vehicle load in moving loads case.

·        Fixed an issue with a description of a planar load in the load tables for the Frame 3D structure type.

·        Fixed an issue with the scaling factor for self-weight load that was not considered in the load to mass conversion for dynamic analysis.


·        Fixed an issue causing incorrect results for Time History Analysis occurring when a buckling case was defined right before a Time History Analysis case.

·        Fixed an issue with generating Spectral Analysis case by API when spectrum is defined manually.

Reinforced Concrete Design

·        Fixed an issue which caused the verification message to not display in the RC Beam module for EN 1992-1-1 code and National Annexes.

Steel Design

·        Fixed an issue which caused the loss of the combination list used for steel design.

Steel Connection Design

·        Fixed an issue which caused wrong results for stiffness of bolt rows in a fixed Beam-to-Column connection design according to EN 1993-1-8.

·        Corrected the calculation of the effective length of a bolt row above the beam flange in a Beam-to-Column connection design according to EN 1993-1-8.

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