четверг, 8 декабря 2022 г.

Robot Structural Analysis Extension

 Зустрічаєм свіженький апдейт до Robot 2023. Що зробили:


·       Enabled the creation and assignment of default Steel Design parameters type in Robot when transferred from Revit. The Steel Design parameters type is based on analytical member Structural Role defined in Revit, such as Beam, Column, Girder, and Member.

·        Enabled the roundtrip of steel design parameters between Revit and Robot, so the Steel Design parameters type defined and assigned by a user in Robot Structural Analysis program is preserved after exchanging model with Revit.

Issues Resolved

·       Corrected the update of members and panels geometry when edited in Robot and sent to Revit.

·       Corrected the transfer of members from Robot to Revit when section rotation angle exceeds the range of (-180;180) degrees.

·       Corrected grid position update when edited in Revit and sent to Robot model.

·       Enabled analytical model transfer from Robot to Revit in case of German Structural template.

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