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Первый хотфикс для Robot 2018

Встречаем первую заплаточку для Robot 2018. Скачать можно по этой ссылке.
Что изменили:
  1. Job Preferences: the issue related to the material database becoming corrupted after saving material from a model has been fixed.
  2. API (COM): the disabled Thickness check box in the Material Orthotropy Panel Thickness Type dialog has been enabled to allow automatic calculation of thickness values.
  3. The issue related to creating correct panels from the selection of finite elements has been fixed.
  4. A crash while opening RTD files with a linked DWG background and importing *.DWG files has been removed.
  5. A crash caused by setting the SLS:CHR combination type and occurring when opening the Manual Combinations dialog has been removed.
  6. A crash while importing a DXF file in the Section Builder has been removed.
Model Definition
  1. The issue with rotation fields greyed out in the Imposed Displacement dialog has been fixed.
  2. Snow/Wind Loads - Eurocode 1: the issue with Cpi coefficient for structures with dominant face not being included in the calculation note has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Results: incorrect numbers of panels displayed in the Reduced results for panels tables have been fixed.
  2. Results: incorrect values of the KZ reactions in the diagram legend have been fixed.
  3. Results of Seismic analysis (Equivalent Lateral Force Method) - ASCE 7-10 / IBC 2012: incorrect values of Fa and Fv coefficients for the seismic analysis (equivalent lateral force method) have been fixed.
  4. Results: incorrect display of exponent numbers for Footfall Analysis and Time History Analysis has been fixed.
  5. Stories table: incorrect displacement values at the column base: min UX and min UY displayed in tables and building diagrams have been fixed.
  6. NBCC 2010: the issue which resulted in defined parameters for equivalent static analysis being incorrectly recognized as not compliant with the code has been fixed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Tube truss node connection - EN 1993-1-8:2005/NA:2007/AC:2009: the issue related to a g 2 value being incorrectly applied after clicking Apply or OK buttons directly after entering a new value in the g 2 field has been fixed.
  2. Splice connection - EN 1993-1-8:2005/AC:2009: the issue related to an incorrect area of a tapered box profile has been fixed.
  3. Beam-to-column with end plate (Frame Knee) connection - EN 1993-1-8:2005/NA:2007/AC:2009: the issue which resulted in creating a new bracket instead of modifying an already existing one has been fixed. The related issue with incorrectly swapped values of bracket web thickness and bracket flange thickness in the newly created bracket has been fixed too.
  4. Column-beam (two-sided) connection - NF EN 1993-1-8:2005/NA:2007/AC:2009: the issue with left side bolts being reset to defaults after calculation has been fixed.
  5. Tube truss node connection: the issue related to incorrect geometrical verification in direction of overlapping diagonals has been fixed.
  6. All steel connections: an incorrect design for code combinations with a number of components exceeding 32 000 has been fixed.
  7. Fixed column base: the distance between flanges when no stiffeners were defined has been corrected.
Steel and Timber Members Design
  1. Steel Design - ANSI/AISC 360-10: the issue related to the verification of ductility limits for moderately ductile columns has been fixed.
  2. Steel Design - NBN EN 1993-1:2005/ANB:2010/A1:2014: the issue related to the use of an incorrect method for LTB (lateral buckling) verification despite the code change has been fixed.
  3. Steel Design - EC3: stability verification for DS EN has been corrected.
  4. Steel Design - EC3: the incorrectly displayed value of Lam_T relative slenderness for the torsional buckling calculation note has been corrected.
  5. Steel Design: the issue in which the verification of a superbar built from different profiles was performed for an incorrect cross section has been fixed.
  6. Steel Design - EC3: calculations of maximal temperature values in relation to Z axis for cross section types have been adjusted.
  7. Steel Design - NF EN 1993-1-1:2005/NA:2013/A1:2014: an incorrect value of C1 for auto load type has been corrected.
  8. Steel Design - SFS-EN 1993-1:2005/NA:2007/A1:2014: the issue related to incorrect verification of the von Mises stresses for I sections has been fixed. The problem was caused by the lack of von Mises stress verification at the ends of flanges.
  9. Steel Design - SFS-EN 1993-1:2005/NA:2007/A1:2014: the issue related to incorrectly calculated interaction coefficient has been fixed.
  10. Steel Design - PN-EN 1993-1:2006/NA:2010/A1:2014: the issue related to the verification for bi-axial bending where no axial force was applied has been fixed.
  11. Steel Design - SE-A:2006: an incorrect value of the reduction factor returned when calculating the web stability under concentrated forces has been fixed.
  12. Timber Design - NF EN 1995-1-1: the issue related to an incorrect material Beta c coefficient used for a timber member type other than Timber column has been fixed.
RC Members Design

    RC Beams
    1. A crash during calculations of reinforcement has been removed.
    2. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007: the issue related to the spacing of pins for anti-shrinkage reinforcement according to the BAEL code has been fixed.
    3. The issue related to importing the beam from the model with large dz (offset) value has been fixed.

    RC Columns
    1. EN 1992-1-1:2004 AC:2008: the names of eccentricities in the calculation note have been corrected.
    2. The issue related to incorrect verification of column size for drift sensitivity coefficient during the reinforcement calculations has been fixed.
    3. The issue related to incorrect fire verification (incorrect Rs value) with missing provisions for maximal bar spacing has been fixed.
    4. A crash while attempting to open drawings from the RC Component Inspector has been removed.

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  1. Все верно, второй по этой ссылке: http://up.autodesk.com/2018/RSAPRO/Robot_Structural_Analysis_Professional_2018.0.2_HotFix.msp

    Изменений немного:

    Save: the issue causing deletion of an RTD file after clicking the Save icon on the top menu has been fixed.

    Results - Tables: the issue causing values of nodal results, such as reactions and nodal displacements, being displayed as zeros has been fixed. It applied to computers with the large size of RAM memory and to models where a size of the result table exceeded 4GB.