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Второй сервис пак для Robot 2017

Встречаем второе обновление для Robot 2017. Скачать можно по этой ссылке.
Что нового:

  1. The issue with saving an *.STR file in the Robot text editor has been fixed.
  2. STR files: the issue with the incorrect format of UNICODE files converted from *.STD files and saved by the Robot text editor has been fixed.
  3. API (COM): the issue with setting RobotStoreyobjects has been fixed.
  4. Job Preferences: the issue with corrupted units in the Job Preferences dialog has been fixed.
  5. The random crash during calculations of a model or calculations of provided reinforcement has been removed.
  6. The random crash in the Object Inspector after modifying a model has been removed.
  7. Preferences dialog: the issue resulting in a blank printout composition in a project after selecting the Greek printout language has been fixed.
  8. The new Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) has been integrated.
Model Definition
  1. Loads: distribution of loads using the tributary areas of members has been corrected.
  2. Loads: the issue with display of loads on some panel edges has been fixed.
  3. Model generation: issues causing slow generation of a model because of cladding loads have been fixed.
  4. Loads: the issue with application of double loads to a solid generated by the Solid Modeler has been fixed.
  5. Verification: the issue with a misleading warning about a linear load which has not been applied to a panel has been fixed.
  6. Loads: the issue with changing the nature name after performing the undo/redo operations for the new load case has been fixed.
  7. Verification: the issue causing Robot to slow down during selection from the Calculation Messages dialog has been fixed.
  8. Display of bars located on grid lines in the graphic viewer has been improved.
  9. Loads: the unjustified warning about the load not being distributed correctly has been removed. The warning displayed for a model that includes an empty "(FE) linear on edges" load record and claddings.
  10. Wind simulation: issues with Solid Modeler panels and claddings have been fixed.
  11. Display: the issue with bars, nodes, panels, and meshes not displaying sharply in the graphic viewer has been fixed.
  12. Code combinations - BS-EN 1990:2002 NA:2004 code: the value of the factor for combination of variable wind loads has been corrected.
    To ensure that you have the correct value of the factor, delete the EC-BS.RGL file, if exists, from this location: C:\Users[your_name]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2017\CfgUsr.
  13. Snow/Wind loads 2D/3D: the issue with incorrect generation of Snow/Wind loads 2D/3D has been fixed.
  14. Attribute display: the issue with displaying bar shapes has been fixed.
  15. Tables – Load table: the issue with a corrupted load table when a project includes a large number of manual combinations has been fixed.
  16. Stories: the issue causing incorrect coordinates of the rigidity center when defining core walls has been fixed.
  17. Loads and code combinations: code combinations according to BS-EN 1990: 2002 NA:2004, PN-EN 1990:2004, and PN-EN 1997-1:2008 have been updated so that the live load category H is not combined anymore with snow or wind loads.
  18. Load table: the issue preventing modification and editing of the content of the Memo column has been fixed.
  19. Snow and Wind Loads according to EC1: the issue with loads not being generated on the first frame has been fixed.
  20. Loads: the issue with the units and precision of display of imposed displacement values for supports has been fixed. They were incorrectly linked with structure dimensions.
Analysis and Results
  1. Results: the issue with copying the results from tables to the *.XLSX file by using the clipboard has been fixed
  2. Stories table: the issue with an incorrect value of the mass for the static seismic analysis (equivalent lateral force method) for models with panels without an FE mesh has been fixed.
  3. Results of Seismic analysis (Equivalent Lateral Force Method): the issue causing the result status: ‘not available’ for a story in the story table has been fixed. This result status displayed for a story above the story excluded from the range of a seismic load.
  4. Panel orthotropy: the issue with incorrect calculation of equivalent thickness and self-weight for the slab geometry types: bidirectional box floor, one-sided bidirectional ribs, and grillage has been fixed.
  5. Analysis: the issue causing some objects and bars to be ignored in mesh generation and in selection has been fixed.
  6. Tables: the issue causing slashes to be replaced by semicolons while converting tables to the Excel CSV format has been fixed.
  7. Multithreaded solver: the issue causing a crash during non-linear calculations has been fixed.
  8. Analysis: the crash during calculations using the Automatic or Multithreaded solver has been removed.
  9. Analysis: error 5000 (incorrect data) during calculations after updating a panel thickness has been removed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Beam to beam connection - NF EN 1993-1-8:2005/NA:2007/AC:2009: the reference to the code for stress in weld in a calculation note has been corrected. Now it is instead of
  2. Tube truss node connection - EN 1993-1-8:2005/AC:2009:
    - A value of N3,Rd in the post capacity formula for diagonals overlapping with a post for the KT connection, has been corrected.
    - The issue with including incorrect values (be,ov and beff) during calculations of the tension capacity (N1,Rd) has been fixed.
    - The issue with incorrect verification of the KT connection because of ignoring the axial force in the resistance verification has been fixed.
  3. Gusset plate - PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006/AC:2009: the issue causing the eccentricity to be considered during verification, while it should not be, has been fixed.
  4. Tube truss node connection - PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006/AC:2009: the issue preventing creation of a connection with inclined purlins has been resolved.
  5. Pinned Beam-to-beam (web) connection - PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006/AC:2009: the issue with the lack of the geometrical verification of a connection when the connecting element is a stiffener has been fixed.
  6. Beam-to-column with end plate (Frame Knee) connection - PN-90/B-03200: the issue with an incorrect inclination angle after importing the beam from the model has been fixed.
  7. Splice connection - EN 1993-1-8:2005/AC:2009: the issue preventing creation of the Column-to-Column splice connection from a model has been fixed.
  8. Beam-to-beam splice connection - PN-90/B-03200: the issue with incorrect verification of the bolt shear capacity has been fixed.
Steel and Timber Members Design
  1. EN 1993-1-8:2006/AC:2009: the issue with the detection of positions of adjoining elements for buckling Y and Z has been fixed.
  2. API (COM): the issue with running the SLS deflection check has been fixed.
  3. API – EC3 (EN 1993-1-2:2005): the issue with setting the "shear verification in elastic state" and "Methods of calculation of interaction factors kij" options in the Configuration dialog has been fixed.
  4. EC5 (EN 1995-1:2004/A2:2014): the issue with seismic combinations not being recognized during the ULS verification has been fixed.
  5. SABS 0162-1:1993: the issue with the incorrect value of the om2 coefficient for the lateral buckling verification when the internal bracings are used has been fixed.
  6. ANSI/AISC 341-10: the issue with incorrect classification of non-compact sections in seismic analysis has been fixed. Now, all elements that do not meet the COMPACT class requirements are treated as instable.
  7. CAN/CSA S16-09: the issue with including the coefficient Cr instead of Cr0 during the verification for compression cases when buckling is deselected has been fixed.
  8. CAN/CSA S16-09: the issue causing an incorrect value of U1 when buckling is deselected has been fixed.
  9. BS 5950:2000: the issue causing changes in values of buckling and lateral buckling coefficients for segments between internal bracings after closing the Member definition – parameters dialog has been fixed.
  10. PN-90/B-03200: the issue with the incorrect buckling length for an element with adjoining members has been fixed.
  11. API (COM): implementation of the optimization parameters for steel design has been corrected.
  12. CAN/CSA S16-09 code: the Cey and Cez strength values have been added to the Detailed Results table.
RC Members Design

    RC Member – Required Reinforcement
  1. EN 1992-1-1:1:2004 AC:2008: the issue with ignoring a decimal value of the ctg theta coefficient during the reinforcement calculations has been fixed.

  2. RC Provided Reinforcement
  3. The Canadian CSA A23.3-04 code in the Job Preferences dialog is now linked with the NBCC 2010 code in the Calculation Option dialog.

  4. RC Beams
  5. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code: a cover value displayed in the drawing and in the calculation note has been corrected.
  6. A crash during the calculations of beams when the Parallel processing – multiprocessing option is selected in the Preferences dialog has been removed.
  7. CSA A23.3-04: the error message displaying in an RC Beam project has been removed. It displayed when the project starts with the CSA code selected.

  8. RC Columns
  9. EN 1992-1-1:2004 AC:2008: the issue with results of the SLS calculations has been fixed. It was caused by the loss of the information about the SLS combinations while importing the model to the RC Column module.
  10. ACI 318: Calculation note - names of bending moments for the buckling analysis are now compliant with the requirements code.
  11. BAEL91 mod.99: the issue with incorrect calculation of the reinforcement ratio has been fixed.
  12. NS-EN (1992-1-1:2004/NA:2008): a warning message has been added to the fire calculations. It displays if combination data is incorrect and fire calculations cannot be completed correctly.

  13. RC Walls
  14. ACI 318: the issue with incorrect minimum reinforcement ignoring the steel grade and reinforcing bar diameter has been fixed.

  15. RC Slabs
  16. D.M. 14/01/2008: the possibility to display maps of cracking due to long and short term loads has been added to the SLS tab of the Maps for reinforcement dialog.
  17. IS 456:2000: the viewer with reinforcing zones with a dense grid is updating faster now.
  18. ACI 318-11: Plate and Shell Reinforcement dialog - the issue preventing selection of the Grid type option and the Generation button has been fixed.

  19. RC Foundations
  20. The issue causing changes in the pier dimensions while updating RC elements has been fixed.
  21. SS-EN 1997-1:2005/BFS 2013:10ESK9: the set of partial factors for the geotechnical design has been added.
  22. EC2 (NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007): the crash for the block foundation of lean concrete, with dimensions exceeding 20 m, has been removed.

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