воскресенье, 25 октября 2015 г.

Четвертый сервис пак для Robot 2016

Вышло очередное обновление нашей любимой программы. Скачать можно по этой ссылке.
Что нового:

  1. Settings of the API Storey. Objects have been unblocked.
  2. In the help on Chinese systems, mixed fonts have been corrected.
  3. In the help, the explanation of reinforcement areas has been revised.
  4. Print to file function has been improved.
  5. A few faults concerning the exchange of Robot and Revit models have been fixed: - Transfer of tube sections and user database sections
    - Update of area loads
    - Transfer of models with automatic combinations containing moving loads.
  6. A warning message about Results Builder being not installed has been corrected.
  7. Group renaming in the Label Manager has been unblocked.
  8. Random display of strange characters in the bar names has been blocked.
  9. Font and icon sizes have been adjusted for the ultra HD resolution screens.
  10. Bending stiffness of the orthotropic hollow core slabs has been fixed.
  11. Deletion of bars while moving a bar by a vector indicated by its origin and end points has been blocked.
  12. The issue with slow deletion of nodes on greyed out model has been fixed.
  13. Switching the viewer into the Rotate 3D mode after using the ROTATE, ZOOM or PAN option has been fixed.
  14. Opening of the Point dialog with coordinates after pressing any numeric key has been restored.
  15. Messages related to stories have been limited to examples effectively using stories.
Model Definition
  1. Division of the panel edges and division of a panel by the bar intersection have been fixed.
  2. Generation of the wind and snow loads by the Frame Generator has been fixed.
  3. Generation of great pseudo-static forces due to small inaccuracies in a model has been fixed.
  4. Calculation of a model without stories and with mass eccentricities, saved with results has been unblocked.
  5. The weight of rectangular tube profiles in the Norwegian section database has been corrected.
  6. Incorrect application of solid loads to curved surfaces has been fixed.
  7. Incorrect values of wind simulation pressure, generated for four directions: X-/X+/Y-/Y+, defined in one session have been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Sums of reactions and the sum of forces for examples including bars/plates on the elastic foundation have been fixed.
  2. Freezing the reaction tables with a (temporary) "?"" character that displayed instead of values has been fixed.
  3. Convergence of nonlinear calculations has been improved.
  4. The drift direction and calculation of the maximum 2nd order drift ratio for DAM have been fixed.
  5. Incorrect values of concomitants on the Envelope tab, when all objects are displayed, have been fixed.
  6. Random duplication of wind loads from the wind load simulation during the structure analysis has been blocked.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Pinned Beam-to-Beam (web) connection with angles: an inflated global ratio has been adjusted to the detailed results in the calculation note.
  2. Pinned Beam-to-Beam (web) connection with shear plate: eccentricity of an axial force is now taken into account.
  3. Pinned Beam-to-Beam (web) connection with shear plate: verification of block tearing has been fixed.
  4. Beam-to-Column flange connection: generation of a connection ignoring the section databases declared in Job Preferences has been unblocked.
  5. Tube truss node connection: welds check for the user-defined box sections has been fixed.
  6. Calculation of the lever arm of connections defined according to PN-90/B-03200 has been fixed.
  7. Generation of the connections: tube truss node and beam-to-column (flange), blocked because of too restrictive check of elements positions, has been fixed.
Steel and Timber Members Design
  1. Steel Design - ANSI/AISC 341-10: check of the material design strength for an additional seismic check has been fixed.
  2. Steel Design - ANSI/AISC 360-10: slenderness check, when buckling is switched off, has been corrected.
  3. Steel Design - EC3: incorrect classification of an asymmetric steel section has been fixed.
  4. Steel Design - EC3: wrongly displayed condition 9.3 for the torsion rigidity calculation note has been corrected.
  5. Steel Design - EC3: incorrect value of the kF coefficient for the web stability check has been fixed.
  6. Steel Design - EC3: hidden info about switched off lateral buckling verification has been displayed.
  7. Steel Design - EC3: display of the non-dimensional slenderness ratio in the results of fire analysis has been fixed.
  8. Steel Design - NF EN: calculation of the Cmy,0 coefficient for the list of elements verification has been fixed.
  9. Steel Design - SP 16.13330.2011: calculation of the B and C lateral buckling parameters and display of the It value for mono-symmetrical I sections in the calculation note have been fixed.
  10. Steel Design: opening of the simplified calculation notes on the Windows 10 system has been fixed.
  11. Timber Design - EC5: influence of the surface protection on the fire resistance has been fixed.
  12. Timber Design - EC5: very slow calculation of laminated members of service class 2 has been fixed.
  13. Timber Design: a message about accessing files on the Windows 10 system has been removed.
RC Members Design

    Bars Provided Reinforcement
  1. Display of the calculation note for element which name contains the slash sign " / " has been unblocked.
  2. BS 8110: lack of support of point of the code, leading to incorrect stirrups spacing, has been fixed.
    RC Beams
  3. Work of the Stirrups Spacing dialog has been fixed.
  4. A few problems with the multithreaded calculations have been fixed.
  5. ACI: application of precast concrete requirements disregarding the calculation options setting, that led to an unneeded increase of the shear forces Ve, has been fixed.
  6. ACI: application of the minimum reinforcement requirements has been fixed.
  7. EC2: taking into account an axial force during the deflection calculation has been fixed.
  8. EC2: fire calculations - unnecessary warnings for the cantilevers ends have been blocked.
  9. EC2: calculation of the cracking moment for non-structural loads with an active axial force has been corrected.
  10. EC2: the lightweight concrete checkbox on the concrete tab of the Calculation Options dialog has been removed.
    RC Columns
  11. Manual definition of stirrups has been fixed.
  12. Copying of the diagram views to clipboard has been corrected.
  13. ACI: incorrect amplification of moments for slender columns.
  14. EC2: change of the default value of the standard cover deviation has been unblocked.
  15. PN: definition of the long-term load ratio for the PN-B-03264 code has been unblocked.
    RC Foundations
  16. Access to the reinforcement patterns list for the Continuous Footing has been unblocked.
  17. Taking into account the pier reinforcement capacity in the global foundation capacity has been fixed.
  18. BAEL 91/DTU 13.12: unnecessary use of accidental combinations with a seismic load in the verification for rotation, when seismic dispositions are inactive, has been fixed.
  19. NF P94-261: reduction of the soil capacity in semi-empirical stress limit method has been adjusted.
    RC Slabs
  20. Very slow opening of a file including a designed slab with provided reinforcement has been fixed.
  21. Generation of the discontinuous provided reinforcement between panels for the "Entire plate" option active has been fixed.
  22. Deflection verification for provided reinforcement with some errors has been unblocked.
  23. ACI: check of anchorage of the provided horizontal reinforcement in walls, resulting in false recognition of too narrow boundary elements has been corrected.
  24. BS: the value of Veff shear force for a punching force entered manually has been adjusted.
  25. BS: the provided reinforcement pattern without bar shapes has been corrected.
  26. Incorrect calculation of a cracked deflection for panels with a reduced moment of inertia has been fixed.
  27. ACI 318: minimum distance of the required reinforcement rebars may now be switched off.
  28. BAEL: peaks of abnormal reinforcement density for the analytical method have been fixed.
    Composite Design
  29. Geometrical check of the beam arrangement for "superbars" has been blocked.
  30. Crushes observed after slab selection have been fixed.
Помимо вышеперечисленного, ниже приведены изменения из третьего сервиспака:
  1. Selection in a new window which selects objects not opened in this window, implemented by mistake in SP2, has been fixed.
  2. Crash of the Revit2Robot link on Windows 10 has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Taking into account a solution method of the Model Analysis (selected in Job Preferences > Structure Analysis) has been enabled for the Footfall Analysis.

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  3. Crash of the Revit2Robot link on Windows 10 has been fixed.

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