четверг, 19 марта 2015 г.

Четвертый сервис пак для Robot 2015

Встречаем последний сервис пак (скорее всего) для 2015 версии Robot. Скачать можно тут. Крайне рекомендуется удалить установленный сервис пак.
Список изменений:
  1. API has been supplemented with the BOX-III section creation method.
  2. Incorrect display of the ‘Section Properties’ dialog for the French UI has been fixed.
  3. Transfer of the release definitions while using the Revit2Robot link has been corrected.
  4. Display of the grid lines for the models imported from Revit using the Revit2Robot link has been corrected (it no longer requires switching on and off).
  5. Unjustified multiplication of elements while transferring the model back to Revit with the Revit2Robot link after automatic definition of code combinations in Robot has been fixed.
  6. Unneeded creation of Revit’s level named ‘---‘while transferring models with the Revit2Robot link has been fixed.
  7. Display of the false verification error ‘The material assigned to the element does not have physical assets’ for the wooden floors transferred using the Revit2Robot link has been fixed.
Model Definition
  1. Resulting pressure coefficient Cp,net values for attics have been corrected according to the clause 7.4.1 (1) of NF EN 1991-1-4/NA:2009-03.
  2. Generation of automatic combinations for relations of live loads including conjunction ‘AND’ has been corrected.
  3. Generation of prestressed (post-tensioning) beam loads when eccentricities E1 and E3 are not equal has been fixed.
  4. Application of loads on edges made of non-discretized arcs has been fixed.
  5. Meshing algorithm for the ACIS objects has been changed to take into account adjoining nodes.
  6. Inversed direction of the local element Z axes for the surface of revolution has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Wrongly calculated design spectrum Sd(T1) for T1 < TB during the Equivalent Lateral Force Method analysis according to the EN 1998-1:2004 code has been fixed.
  2. Saving of the table results for each increment of nonlinear combinations has been fixed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Display of the connection schemes when working with the solid structure type has been fixed.

  2. Beam to beam connection:
  3. Wrong verification of welds because of resetting the weld thickness to 0mm has been fixed.

  4. Splice connection:
  5. Wrong verification of plates weakened by a hole for a bolted connection has been fixed.
  6. Zero results for the SLS load cases during the connection verification have been fixed.

  7. Truss node connection:
  8. Multiplication of material factor while calculating the tension capacity of the cord has been corrected.
  9. Incorrect verification of post welds against bending has been fixed.
Steel and Timber Members Design
  1. API access to the results for IRDimCodeResE32_4 has been fixed.
  2. Zero value of the fire situation partial safety factor has been corrected.
  3. Incorrect verification of structural tubes (hollow sections) for bidirectional bending has been fixed.
  4. Display of the live loads deflection ratio as the governing one when both the final and live load deflections are being checked has been fixed.
  5. CM66 and ADD80 codes - shear areas AY and AZ of pipes have been corrected.
  6. PN-90/B-03200 code - incorrect section class for castellated beam webs has been fixed.
  7. PN-90/B-03200 code - overlooking the requirements of point 4.7.1.b during verification of compound sections has been fixed.
  8. SNiP SP 16.13330.2011 code - incorrect verification of Tcrz critical stress in a web has been fixed.
  9. Timber design - EC5 (NF EN) - kcr factor value has been adjusted according to the NF EN 1995-1-1/NA, Mai 2010.
  10. Timber design - EC5 (NF EN) - incorrect references for materials (EN1194 instead of EN 14080) have been corrected.
  11. Timber design - EC5 (NF EN; PN EN; PN) - incorrect verification of cantilever displacements has been fixed.
RC Members Design
  1. Missing Low Ductility Class in seismic EC8 settings for beams and columns has been supplemented.
  2. Inserting of the summary reinforcement table has been corrected.
  3. Crash while copying and pasting r/c beams in the Inspector window has been removed.
  4. EN 1992-1-1 code (and NADs) – calculation of the minimum reinforcement according to point 7.3.2(2) has been fixed

  5. Bars - Required Reinforcement
  6. Missing results for the bar end (last verification point) have been supplemented.
  7. ACI code - excessive area of reinforcement for medium seismic risk has been fixed.
  8. ACI code - excessive warning about the reinforcement calculations caused by the wrong comparison with maximum allowed stirrups spacing has been fixed.
  9. EN 1992-1-1 code - invalid calculations for the limit of slenderness when stiffness method is used have been fixed.

  10. Beams
  11. Ignoring update settings during the consecutive update changing the beam geometry, has been fixed.
  12. ‘Reinforcement pattern’ dialog - overwriting the dmax and dmin values of top and bottom reinforcement of a beam by the default values has been fixed.
  13. Incomplete beam creation by the beam wizard has been fixed.
  14. Using an envelope of the SLS combinations instead of QPR for deflection calculation has been fixed.
  15. Using the cover deviation delta_c_dev value from the Eurocode instead of from the dialog has been fixed.
  16. Doubled information about the number of stirrups and pins in the calculation note has been corrected.
  17. Reinforcement calculation which hangs the program if deflection correction is switched on for frozen reinforcement has been corrected.
  18. BAEL91 mod. 99 code - crash while designing inclined beams has been fixed.
  19. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code –parameters dialog for the story parameters not accessible for XF1 environment class has been unblocked.
  20. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code - excessive warning for transversal reinforcement for seismic requirements has been fixed.
  21. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code - value of the minimal cover has been fixed.
  22. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code – seismic disposition dialog - control q0 has been fixed to accept values less than 2.
  23. NTC 2008 (D.M. 14/01/2008) – EC8 requirements (7)P (formula 5.15), have been removed from the verification as related to bridge beams only.

  24. Columns
  25. API function for section capacity check concerning Y_NEG and Y_POS has been fixed.
  26. Crash of the Fire resistance calculator while opening the calculation note has been removed.
  27. A warning message has been added while importing elements without active simple load cases.
  28. Selection of the EC2 code in the Fire resistance calculator has been unblocked.
  29. Direction of the accidental imperfection has been adjusted.
  30. Verification of columns against shear has been fixed.
  31. EN 1992-1-1 codes – the dialog for selecting the buckling type has been enhanced.
  32. EN 1992-1-1 codes - incorrect and missing lines about minimal value of M0 in the calculation note have been adjusted.
  33. NF EN 1992-1-1/NA:2007 code - incorrect generation of stirrups (too many) for circular columns with seismic provisions has been fixed.
  34. PN-B-03264 code - lack of information about too small capacity of the column in the message list has been fixed.
  35. PN-B-03264 code – calculation notes have been adjusted to a selected method to avoid displaying zero values of variables not used for calculation of the rectangular section capacity.
  36. PN- EN 1992-1-1:2008 code - calculation note has been supplemented with shear check info.
  37. PN- EN 1992-1-1:2008 code - negative value of the crack width displayed if all bars are in compression but the column edge is tensioned has been corrected.

  38. Footings
  39. Change of the foundation size despite frozen dimensions has been fixed.
  40. ACI, CSA, BS codes - incorrect implementation of the contact surface coefficient has been fixed.
  41. BAEL91 mod. 99 code - excessive reinforcement of the pier when seismic dispositions are switched on has been corrected.

  42. Walls/Slabs
  43. Change of the steel grade for the additional reinforcement has been unblocked.
  44. Lack of import of load values for the seismic combinations has been fixed.
  45. Distribution of the minimal reinforcement for bending and tension/compression has been fixed.
  46. ACI code – unjustified display of the warning about cracks exceeding crack limit has been fixed.
  47. ACI code - wrong fire rating in the calculation note has been fixed.
  48. EN 1992-1-1 codes - concrete grades over B40 have been unblocked.

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  1. Кто знает когда появится Robot 2016 ?

  2. хотелось бы узнать что в Robot 2016 нового.

  3. Добрый вечер, Романыч!
    На форумах читал что после установки SP4, возникают серьезные баги.
    Исправили ли ситуацию? Советуете ли установить этот хотфикс?

    Я тоже в этом году был бета тестером RSA 2016, надеюсь к официальному выходу, нас порадуют хорошими новшествами)

    1. Добрый день, Наири! Ну вот то что было в бете скорее всего будет и в финальном релизе. Шансы увидеть что-то грандиозное и новое стремятся к 0.

  4. Очень пугает количество исправленых ошибок. Это получается люди делают расчеты доверяя програме, пока кто-то все таки не за заметит подвох, но такое событие можно ждать годами. Верификация у Автодеск а низком уровне :(

    1. Такого я еще не помню, чтобы сервис пак приносил столько багов,что его надо удалять. Куда смотрит QA/QC и есть ли он вообще?

  5. Вопрос к дяде Роме. Как в Robot можно реализовать пульсацию ветра? как то сделать, модальный анализ, посмотреть частоту по какой то форме, вставить в функцию расчета колебаний или спектральный анализ и получить усилия? Как то в Еврокод обходятся бед кнопки пульсация ветра (сравнивая с Lira или SCAD).