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Третий сервис пак для 2015

Вышел третий сервис пак для Robot 2015,  качаем тут
Список изменений:

  1. The API methods for running the RC member design and for reporting position of the extreme values on bars divided internally have been corrected.
  2. Unwanted removal of the Structural Toolkit elements while uninstalling the Service Pack 1 has been fixed.
  3. Persistent asking for the file name when the Autosave function is active has been fixed.
  4. The English printout for the Greek language selection has been replaced by the original one.
  5. Slow opening of the examples with a large number of load cases defined has been improved.
  6. Painting area section property calculation for the BOX2 section has been fixed.
  7. Incorrect weight of the steel sections RRHS in the SUOMI database has been fixed.
  8. Crash while exporting the table content to already opened in MS Excel CSV files has been fixed.
  9. Crash of the software and lack of profiles from the user database export has been fixed for the Robot to Revit link.
  10. Grid line duplication in Revit during sequential data file exchange using the Revit to Robot link has been fixed.
  11. Incorrect transfer of the contour loads using the Revit to Robot link has been fixed.
  12. Different models recognition when returning Revit models with changed panel materials in Robot has been fixed for the Robot to Revit link.
Model Definition
  1. Meshing algorithm has been modified to avoid memory errors and incorrect mesh generation.
  2. Wind Simulation convergence check has been improved to avoid partially incorrect results or different results in the successive runs.
  3. Crash of the software for the Wind Simulation run for bars without defined profiles has been removed.
  4. The partial loss of cladding loads while transmitting to bar elements has been fixed.
  5. Wrong distribution of the self-weight and local loads to cladding corner nodes has been corrected.
  6. Incorrect Cpe value calculation for the French wind load code NF-EN 1991-1-3/4 when the 'Use only Cpe10' option is checked has been fixed.
  7. Enormous amount of memory usage for graphical deletions has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Calculation note generation for models containing nonlinear releases has been reestablished.
  2. Error in the use of the nonlinear analysis during FRF when a modal analysis with static forces taken into account is defined has been fixed.
  3. Running the modal analysis for plain deformation structure type has been unblocked.
  4. Wrong results due to hidden kinematic links circular references have been fixed.
  5. Incorrect implementation of the behavior factor mkr for seismic analysis according to the Russian codes SNIP II-7-81* and SP 31-114-2004 has been fixed.
  6. Copy & paste of the map scale using the map dialogs context menu has been corrected.
  7. Results for stories without horizontal elements and for the 'linear buckling' or 'Combination of buckling cases' load cases are now available.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Edition of the connection defined for bars that are in area of a meshed panel has been enabled.

  2. Pinned column base connection:
  3. incorrect verification of the anchor bolts vertical spacing (according to CM66) resulting in a lack of tension verification in the plate has been corrected.

  4. Splice connection:
  5. several issues in the verification (lack of welds verification for beam bottom flange, incorrect verification of splice plates) and in the dialog appearance (truncated dialog texts, false state of the bolts shear portion controls) have been corrected.

  6. Beam to beam connection:
  7. CM66 connection definition for co-linear beams selected in a model has been unblocked.
  8. Copying of the connections with end plates has been enabled.

  9. Truss node connection:
  10. Verification of the gap between diagonals according to EN 1993-1-8 Section 5.1.5 has been fixed.
  11. Calculation of the diagonal bending resistance MRd has been fixed.
Steel and Timber Members Design
  1. Calculations of bending moment resistance Mry for I sections according to CAN/CSA S16-09 code has been fixed.
  2. Unneeded exchange of buckling curves (a instead of c) for solid flat bars and rods verification has been fixed.
  3. Wrong reduction factor values during a fire analysis of thin-walled sections of class 4 (EN 1993-1-2 Annex E) has been improved.
  4. Display of the larger of two deflection ratios checked during the BS-EN 1993-1-1 SLS verification has been fixed.
RC Members Design
  1. Drawing generation for reinforced concrete elements imported from Autodesk® Concrete Building Structures has been fixed.
  2. Drawing generation for the Belgium regional settings selected has been unblocked.

  3. Beams
  4. Minimum reinforcement value for the ACI beams has been fixed.
  5. Reversed reinforcement bar end positions (right vs. left) in beams has been fixed.
  6. Excessive bottom reinforcement in second layer in beams has been fixed.
  7. Verification of stirrups and their spacing according to the seismic requirements of the IS 13920:1993 code has been fixed.

  8. Columns
  9. Incorrect shape of shackles has been fixed.

  10. Footings
  11. The missing soil diagrams, rotated footing display and the misleading error warning displayed when changing the continuous footings names have been fixed.
  12. Incoherent display of results has been fixed.

  13. Walls/Slabs
  14. Missing scale for the required reinforcement map has been fixed.
  15. Invalid critical circumferences for zones located close to openings have been fixed.
  16. Incorrect recognition of the slab thickness has been fixed.
  17. Duplicated tabs in the Reinforcement dialog for phase structures have been fixed.
  18. Incoherence between the coordinate systems for the ACI wall geometry and reinforcement has been fixed.

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  1. необходимо ли перед установкой третьего сервис пака устанавливать первый и второй?

  2. Как правило, такая необходимость отсутствует.