суббота, 8 марта 2014 г.


Встречаем подарок к 8 марта - пятый сервис пак для 2014 версии Robot:
  • для версии х64 качаем тут
  • для версии х32 качаем тут
Список изменений:

Analysis and Results
  •  Improper results of spectral seismic according to the Chinese code GBJ/JTJ/GBJ for Buildings, for periods higher than 6 sec. has been fixed;
  • Generation of the printout composition for the parameterized structures (Robot LT) has been corrected.
R/C Members Design
  • Incorrect verification of the RC slab deflections after installing SP4 has been corrected;
  • Program crashing while calculating the RC wall according to the ACI code (single manual combinations) has been fixed;
  • Calculation errors reported during the RC slab design according to the Russian codes SNIP/SP52 have been removed.

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