вторник, 21 января 2014 г.


Встречаем чуть запоздалый подарочек под ёлочку - четвёртый сервис пак для 2014 версии Robot:

  • для версии х64 качаем тут
  • для версии х32 качаем тут

Список изменений:

  •  API functions supporting load to mass conversion, assigning materials to parametric sections and returning position of the extreme value on bar have been corrected.
  • Export to Word screen captures including tables with info tab has been unblocked.
  • The size of the context menu for the Object Inspector has been corrected.
Model Definition
  • Problem with the status of results not changing after approving modifications of the load table has been fixed.
  • Problem with application of linear loads on edges to the structure if defined on the edge of diaphragm without FE mesh or meshed panel has been fixed.
  • Incorrect application of '(FE) planar load on contour' to perpendicular panels and incorrect application to parallel panels depending on the clockwise/counterclockwise contour definition has been fixed.
  • Unneeded wind region division along the roof slant for the PN-80/B-02010/Az1:2006 & PN-B-02011:1977/Az1:2009 code under Windows 8 has been corrected.
Analysis and Results
  • Improper spectral seismic analyses according to the Chinese code GBJ 50011-2001 (wrong spectrum curve and lack of maximum acceleration change for damping value different than default 0.05) and the Moroccan code RPS 2011 (resetting Za acceleration to zero) have been corrected.
  • Wrong display of the 'out of limit' and 'within limit' bar lists in the global analysis window has been fixed.
Steel Connection Design
  • 'Beam-to-beam' connection according to the NF-EN 1993-1-8 code: Incorrect use of the beta_Lw coefficient for vertical welds and the web compression resistance capacity reduction for beams higher than 600mm have been fixed.
  • 'Fixed beam-to-column' connection according to the EN 1993-1-8 code: Improper height of the upper stiffener taken into calculation has been fixed.
  • 'Tube truss' connection according to the EN 1993-1-8 code: Too low compression capacity of diagonals (while tube brace failure verification) has been fixed.
Steel Members Design
  • ANSI/AISC 360-05: Problem with the lateral buckling blocking for the ANSI/AISC steel beams has been fixed.
RC Design
  • Problem with the combination definition display while reporting governing cases for the required reinforcements of bars has been fixed.
  • Improper strain-stress models PAR, POW and REC defined by the API functions have been corrected.
  • Incorrect steel parameters taken into account during the calculation of columns reinforcement according to SNiP 52-01-2003 code have been fixed.
  • Illegible texts on the spread footing drawings have been fixed.
  • Problem with not symmetrical results for circular columns on slab edges during the analysis of punching according to the EN 1992-1-1: 2004/AC2008 code has been fixed.
  • Incorrect verification of slab deflection for SLS automatic combinations containing only one component has been fixed.
  • Illegitimate warning about the wrong SLS combination type for required slab reinforcement according to SNIP code has been removed.

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  1. Романыч. Вопрос не в тему, но тем не менее... Если робото автоматически создает снеговую расчетную нагрузку, то как ее задать пониженное значение? Вручную только? Ну в смысле... Обычную снеговую умножить на 0.35 и взять ее как длительную с коэффициентом 1.4 ?

    1. Да, можно так. Еще вариант подредактировать файл с правилами сочетаний, надо попробовать.