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Второй сервис пак для 2014

Вышел второй сервис пак для Robot 2014:
  • для версии х64 качаем тут
  • для версии х32 качаем тут
Список изменений:


1.API function 'ReversedRelease' for the bar releases check has been fixed.
1.Losing definition parameters of the climatic loads while wind and snow loads generation has been fixed.
1.Taking into account the shear forces while timber bars deformation calculation, disregarding the option activation, has been fixed.
1.Constant diameter of the anchor bolts disregarding dialog settings for fixed and pinned column bases according to CM66 code has been corrected.

2.Slow opening of the *.RTD file from the previous software version has been corrected.
3.Displaying incorrect name of the *.RTD file after renaming during closing the program has been corrected.
4.New equal leg angles profiles with a leg length from 200 to 300 mm have been added to the ArcelorMittal section database.
5.Export to Word of the printouts containing maps has been corrected.
6.Saving of the header and footer printout templates has been fixed.
7.Visibility of linear support along arcs has been fixed.
8.Incorrect display of the 'Section properties' dialog for the French UI has been fixed.

Model Definition

2.Memory error observed on 32-bit systems while generating wind and snow for models without attics has been fixed.
3.Lack of result status change after modifications of the analysis parameters has been fixed.
4.Too long model consolidation process for structures with claddings has been improved.

Analysis and Results

2.Lack of convergence while using multithreaded solver for nonlinear analysis has been fixed.
3.Wrong procedure for the cable element results calculation when loaded with element loads (observed as well as the wrong results of nonlinear time history analysis) has been fixed.
4.Incorrect level of structure base when set as different than zero and incorrect S(Ta) value presented in the calculation note during the NBCC 2010 seismic analysis using equivalent lateral force procedure have been fixed.
5.Fatal error observed during stress analysis of the compound sections has been fixed.

Steel Connections Design

2.Ignoring moment component originating from the shear force while calculation of normal stress in a welded 'Beam to Beam' connection has been fixed.
3.Fatal error in the 'Steel Connection Inspector' after creating connections for selected structure bars has been fixed.
4.Incorrect section properties of double channels while verification of 'Truss Node' connection according to EC3 has been improved.

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