среда, 3 апреля 2013 г.

Дембельский аккорд

Прямо перед выходом новой 2014 версии Robot, встречаем четвертый сервис пак:
  • для версии х64 качаем тут
  • для версии х32 качаем тут
Список изменений:

  1. API - assigning cable labels using cache option has been unblocked.
  2. Export and update of exclusively selected analytical model components between Robot and Revit has been unblocked.
  3. "No disk error" message has been removed for starting the software on machines with external devices connected.
  4. Fatal error while opening models with faulty steel connection defined has been removed.
Model Definition
  1. Detailed Correct command, used for 'current selection' with 'mark corrected objects' option active refreshes now the screen and the selection control.
  2. Detailed Correct command may be now applied for rectangle objects (walls).
  3. Linear loads applied on common panel and curtain wall edges are now properly taken into account.
  4. Change of the orientation of the hydrostatic load display has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Elastic supports are now properly taken into account for seismic analysis using equivalent lateral force method.
  2. Loads applied to frozen panels may be now properly (completely) deleted using graphical display.
  3. Traction (compression) only bars are now taken into account for seismic analysis using equivalent lateral force method. Results of the analysis are now taken into account for nonlinear combinations.
  4. Time history analysis using model decomposition method for models with releases and DSC elements has been unblocked.
  5. Damping correction for the seismic analysis using Monaco code has been taken into account.
  6. Reaction values in the local coordinates are now properly displayed in the table with global extremes.
  7. Wrong results for linear analysis of frames with rotated supports, rigid links, and releases have been corrected.
  8. Stress analysis for composite sections has been unblocked.
Steel Members Design
  1. Fatal error for the steel members verification during automatic buckling length calculation has been removed.
  2. False detection of lateral buckling length for members with zero bending moments in internal bracing points has been fixed.
  3. (EC3) Global stability check for tapered bars and bar with brackets does not longer take into account maximum bending moment along the bar length, which is a rule for bars with constant height.
  4. (EC3) Member stability check takes now into account maximum bending moment if buckling is considered, as it is done for non-buckling case.
  5. (EC3) The incorrect value of kyz coefficient for Mz-buckling turned off has been corrected.
  6. (EC3-French NAD) Incorrect values of kyy and kzy factors for auto load type when internal bracings are defined have been corrected.
  7. (CM66) Wrong calculations of the k coefficient for simple compression when annealed section is switched on for profiles other than pipes have been fixed.
  8. (AS4100) Usage of the false stability check formulas for axial force changing from tension to compression along a bar has been corrected.
  9. (CSA 516-09) Wrong calculation of lateral buckling length in case of using imperial units has been corrected.
  10. (CSA S16-09) Verification for tension and bi axial bending takes into account both bending moments now.
R/C Members Design
  1. Incorrect values of gamma coefficients for loads and ignoring user defined values for sub natures of loads defined for r/c beams have been corrected.
  2. Unjustified change of SLS bending moment diagram displayed for all combinations has been fixed.
  3. Hanging calculation of stirrups for r/c beams has been fixed.
  4. (EC2-Norwegian NAD) Too wide ductility class selection has been reduced to "C class".
  5. (EC2-Norwegian NAD) Incorrect provision for minimal reinforcement has been corrected.
  6. (PN) Generation of stirrups outside of the beam section due to supports reinforcement settings has been corrected.
  7. Governing case number for object if required reinforcement is calculated for the whole group of columns or beams has been fixed.
  8. Incorrect shear reinforcement of columns with section width greater than section height has been improved.
  9. (EC2-Norwegian NAD) Disregarding the real cover value in crack checking has been corrected.
  10. (EC2) Missing quasi-permanent SLS combination recognition during calculation of slab required reinforcement has been fixed.
  11. (ACI) Incorrect value of strength reduction factor fi during slab punching verification has been fixed.
  12. Excessive limit for wall or column size with respect to the size of the spread footing pier has been fixed.
  13. (EC7) Incorrect generation of A2 type load combinations for spread footing design has been corrected.

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  1. После установки робот стал вылетать при попытке задать промежуточные связи при проверки устойчивости балки. Пришлось откатиться на ранние сервис паки

    1. Проблему подтверждаю, в поддержку отправил видео с последовательностью действий вместе с отчетом об ошибке.