среда, 24 октября 2012 г.

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Список изменений:
  1. Saving the combination definition file from the code combination editor has been unblocked.
  2. Displaying inverted signs of unidirectional bar releases in the inspector window has been fixed.
  3. Malfunction while saving and analyzing user defined cross sections presented in the model without accompanying user database has been corrected.
  4. Damaging views after exporting buildings from Revit and some Revit-to- Robot link errors have been fixed
Model Definition
  1. Definition data of Q, QH, R, RH steel profiles of DIN section database has been updated.
  2. Display of loads on wrong solid faces has been fixed.
  3. Selfweight load defined along X or Y with load factor less than 1 is now applied according to the definition.
  4. Alternated load combinations factors between SC1 and SC3 combinations generated for SS-EN 1990/A1:2005 code and not generated fire combinations for NF-EN 1990:2002 code have been fixed.
Analysis and Results
  1. Calculation of torsion parameters and stress analysis of thin-walled sections has been improved.
  2. Incorrect values of base shear for seismic analysis according to the Australian and New Zealand codes have been corrected.
  3. Participation of low frequency modes in response spectra for seismic analysis according to the Chinese code has been fixed.
  4. Incorrect seismic coefficients for different seismic zones have been fixed.
  5. Averaging method for spectral analysis has been changed for logarithmic spectra.
  6. Malfunctioning reduction of forces above columns and walls attached to linear releases has been fixed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Too strict geometrical check for double knee connection has been fixed.
  2. Extremely large ratio for bi-directional bending of fixed column base according to EC3 has been fixed.
Steel Members Design
  1. Determination of compound sections parameters according to the ANSI/AISC 360-05 code has been fixed.
  2. Incorrect calculation of buckling length while internal bracing buckling type was assigned to members without internal bracing has been fixed.
  3. Eurocode classification of sections with bi-symmetrical brackets defined has been fixed.
  4. Stability check for Eurocode has been corrected.
Timber Members Design
  1. Incorrect slenderness calculation for single shaft in built up columns according to NF EN 1995-1:2005 has been fixed.
R/C Members Design
  1. Opening of the r/c drawing schema editor has been fixed.
  2. Incorrect BAEL load factor for partition walls selfweight has been fixed.
  3. Unwanted taking into account BAEL slenderness limit in case of "calculated" fire resistance has been fixed.
  4. Excessive Eurocode top reinforcements for beams has been fixed.
  5. Spread footing reinforcement correction has been made.
  6. Incorrect recognition of serviceability combinations for nonlinear combination of slab loads has been fixed.
  7. Calculation of shear reinforcement for walls according to NF EN 1992-1-1:2004 has been fixed.

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