пятница, 1 июня 2012 г.

Первый пошел!

Начался сезон обновлений 2013 версии Robot:
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  • для версии х32 качаем тут
Список изменений:

  1. Excessive load duplication while copying elements has been removed.
  2. Losing building attributes such as walls, floors, columns, beams, and Eurocode SLS combination subtypes, while opening a file in 'Repair Mode', has been corrected.
  3. Opening 2D/3D French library structures has been improved.
  4. A fatal error displayed after closing the software has been removed.
  5. The progress bar for the meshing process has been fixed.
  6. Incorrect properties of the UPAF sections: 50x120x4, 80x200x5, 80x200x6 of the CATPRO database have been corrected.
  1. Incorrect results of the Plane Stress Analysis in orthotropic elements with the main direction of orthotropy set as along global Z, have been corrected.
  2. An incorrect sum of reactions for the Sparse M solver has been corrected.
  3. Neglecting the self-weight of curtain wall panels in the modal analysis has been fixed.
  4. Incorrect display of mode numbers while defining damping for the Time History Analysis by Modal Decomposition on 64 bit OS has been fixed.
  5. The nonlinear P-delta Buckling Analysis for mixed shell-bar structures has been blocked to prevent display of false results.
  6. Changing the Robot job preferences to reflect the Revit Extensions regional settings, while sending Revit models to Robot, has been fixed.
  7. Losing loads on disjoined bars and transferring false internal bar forces, while updating models between Robot and Revit, have been fixed.
R/C Design
  1. Crash errors during r/c calculation have been fixed.
  2. Unnecessary generation of "seismic shear" combinations for a column has been fixed.
  3. An unjustified message about insufficient reinforcement over the middle supports of a multi-span beam has been fixed.
  4. The incorrect fire resistance capacity of columns according to Eurocode 2 has been fixed.
  5. Recognition of the QPR (quasi-permanent) load combination while transferring elements to the RC Beam module has been corrected.
  6. Calculation of the minimum reinforcement for spread footings according to the BAEL code has been fixed.
  7. Generation of the calculation note without design forces has been fixed.
  8. A failure to import load combinations during the design of r/c walls has been fixed.
  9. Calculation of the slab punching area has been fixed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Ignoring a number of shear plates during verification of the bolt in beam to column flange connection has been fixed.
Steel Members Design
  1. Incorrect calculations of the Eurocode 3 class for cases of compression higher than the plastic compressive capacity have been fixed.
  2. The unjustifiably slow verification according to Eurocode 3 of a single bar for code combinations has been improved.
  3. Incorrect values of the Cmy0 and Cmz0 coefficients for the verification according to Eurocode 3 have been fixed.
Timber Members Design
  1. Incorrect deflection verification according to Eurocode 5 for buildings of the category C or higher, has been fixed.
  2. Disregarding fire parameters in default labels for Eurocode 5 has been fixed.

This Service Pack resolves the following issues: 
REX-3677; REX-5375; REX-5398; RM-16747; RM-18496; RM-23312; RM-24334; RM-24632; RM-25444; RM-25693; RM-25801; RM-26219; RM-26605; RM-26633; RM-26636; RM-26684; RM-26686; RM-26689; RM-26692; RM-26768; RM-26797; RM-26799; RM-26813; RM-26863; RM-26878; RM-26882; RM-26888; RM-26905; RM-26913; RM-26915; RM-26938; RM-26940; RM-26974; RM-26975; RM-26979; RM-26985; RM-26989; RM-27016; RM-27028; RM-27051; RM-27053; RM-27058; RM-27061; RM-27080; RM-27096; RM-27098; RM-27102

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