четверг, 27 октября 2011 г.

Третий сервис пак для 2012 Robot

Сезон сервис паков в разгаре - забираем третий!
Для версии pro х64 - тут.
Для версии pro х32 - тут.
Что исправили:
  1. Missing or incomplete images on the Library Structure selection buttons have been complemented.
  2. Using non-Latin letters in the user name no longer prevents the combination editor from working.
  3. Printout composition has been revised to improve:

  4. - editing screen captures and titles from the preview page;
    - editing data tables with the info tab;
    - applying the turned off auto-adjust option to narrow tables.
  5. Incorrect properties data for double angles DL, DLL, DLS in aiscpro.xml (AISC 13.2) section database have been corrected.
  6. Fatal errors while closing the software and in some other situations have been fixed.
Analysis & Results
  1. SLS code combination filter for automatically generated Eurocode-based combinations can be presented correctly now.
  2. Reduced story forces for seismic cases are now combined using correct quadratic combinations.
    Forces carried by columns are now calculated by adding up sectional forces from the base of the story.
Steel Members Design
  1. The display of the lateral buckling parameters Cb dialog for the ANSI AISC 360-05 code is no longer blocked.
  2. Internal bracings for complex non-rectilinear members are no longer neglected.
  3. The fatal error while displaying information in Greek has been removed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. The action of column normal forces in fixed and pinned column bases, imported with opposite signs from the structure, in the software with installed Service Pack 1 is no longer inverted.
  2. Vertical anchor spacing ev while defining 4 anchors in the pinned column base is now taken into account correctly.
R/C Design
  1. Using wrong load coefficients while combining loads defined for r/c beams and while importing r/c beams from the Autodesk® Concrete Building Structures software has been corrected.
  2. Applying geometric imperfections in the r/c columns design according to EC2 EN1992-1-1 has been fixed.
Concrete Building Structures
  1. Material databases may be freely loaded now.

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  1. спасиба, дядя Рома!!! что бы я без тебя делал бы???

  2. Третий SP за четыре месяца.
    А спектры ответа так и не исправили.


  3. Кстати о спектрах! Александр,прошу - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAhW1ImJfQE

  4. Подскажите, Simonoff в презентации копирует узлы для создания жестких вставок по сечению колонны, делает это за секунды...как это?

  5. у меня была включена пятая передача )))

  6. ), как Вы скопировали один узел 4 раза за один клик, ответьте пожалуйста, у меня тоже пятая, но не получается

  7. на самом деле клика было 4)))
    ЗЫ ловкость рук и никакого мошенничества )))