понедельник, 5 сентября 2011 г.

Первый сервис пак для 2012 Robot

Вот и начался сезон сервис паков для 2012 версии Robot. Пока доступен непосредственно из программы. Список чего пофиксили:

  1. Display of Chinese fonts not visible on layouts has been corrected.
  2. The Polish regional settings can be restored to the 2011 state by running the Restore initial program settings option.
  3. Incorrect French names of the combination types for Belgian settings can also be corrected via the Restore initial program settings option.
  4. A significant slowdown while reading section databases has been improved.
  5. An exception error observed while opening the section manager dialog has been removed
    This correction requires an additional hotfix on x64 OS.
  6. Work of the "Open Layouts from Template" option when several viewers are opened has been improved.
  7. Generating printouts, if using MS Office 2010 64bit, has been enabled.
  8. A very long time of generating a model for rigid diaphragms with loads applied has been reduced.
  9. The missing scale error for maps using PNG screens captures has been corrected.
  10. Incorrect definition of bar and point loads after importing from the Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 program has been fixed.
  11. Incorrect geometry and missing section errors after importing from Robot to Revit have been fixed.
  1. Assigning dimensions incorrectly in advanced parameters of the RobotNodeSupportData function has been fixed.
  2. Support of the AbsoluteMaximum Layer in Result Query has been enabled.
  3. The error in section names read from the database has been fixed.
  4. Previewing reports in 64-bit MS Word has been enabled.
  1. The warning has been added that circular references in the kinematic constrain definition may lead to false results.
  2. The action of contour loads on diaphagms/claddings has been fixed.
  3. Incorrect generation of the wind load for the "Library Structure LT Bois" projects has been corrected.
  4. An automatic value of the base shear for the seismic analysis according to IBC 2009 has been fixed.
  5. Zero values of masses in results of modal analysis for the mass matrices: lumped and lumped with rotation have been corrected.
R/C Design
  1. Beams: incorrect generation of hooks for the BAEL cage anchorage method has been fixed.
  2. Columns: an incorrect interaction N-M diagram for concrete with parabolic stress-strain relation has been corrected.
  3. Spread footings: omitting changes of load factors in the regulation file has been fixed.
Steel Connections Design
  1. Beam-to-beam (web) connection: incorrect welds verification has been fixed.
  2. Beam-to-column connection: incorrect import of forces in case of beams on 2 sides has been improved.
  3. Critical errors while opening the steel connection window and while defining a connection have been fixed.
  4. The critical error when definig a gusset plate using the UK profile database has been fixed.
  5. Gusset plate connection: the error on unavailability of diameters of plate connectors (only M10 available) has been removed.
Steel Members Design
  1. The slenderness check during group verification is no longer ignored.
  2. A very long time of verifying a column with the automatic detection of adjoining bracings in the plane of buckling has been reduced.
  3. The incorrect verification of a compund cross section created from two angles has been corrected.
  4. Undefined values in the calculation of EC3 thin-walled profiles have been corrected.
Timber Members Design
  1. An incorrect name of the governing load case for SLS verification has been corrected.

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