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Четвертый сервис пак для 2012 Robot

Устанавливаем очередной сервис пак. 
Для версии pro х64 - забираем тут.
Для версии pro х32 - забираем тут.
Список исправлений:
Analysis & Results
  1. Meshing when the regular mesh option is selected has been improved.
  2. HTML printout issues observed when using Internet Explorer 9 have been fixed.
  3. Modification of the predefined printouts in the preview mode is now possible.
  4. Tables of combinations defined according to Eurocode may be now supplemented with the information about the combination type.
Steel & Timber Members Design
  1. Random results of parallel verification processes run simultaneously have been corrected.
  2. Eurocode coefficient Kcr has been added.
Steel Connections Design
  1. An incorrect number of bolts taken into account while checking the beam to beam connection has been fixed.
  2. Incorrect import of internal forces for verification of the two sided beam to column connection has been corrected. 

Список проблем, которые решает обновление:

This Service Pack resolves the following issues:
RM-13856; RM-20977; RM-21036; RM-22731; RM-22902; RM-23086; RM-23163; RM-23894; RM-23942; RM-23942; RM-24089; RM-24222; RM-24235; RM-24476; RM-24477; RM-24521; RM-24677; RM-25031; RM-25084; RM-25142; RM-25206; RM-25252; RM-25257; RM-25260; RM-25261; RM-25326; RM-25416; RM-25452; RM-25457; RM-25473; RM-25479; RM-25481; RM-25499; RM-25515; RM-25689; RM-25690; RM-25692; RM-25694; RM-25699; RM-25702; RM-25706; RM-25707; RM-25708; RM-25712; RM-25717; RM-25720; RM-25734; RM-25739; RM-25740; RM-25742; RM-25755; RM-25760; RM-25769; RM-25775; RM-25775; RM-25781; RM-25782; RM-25785; RM-25788; RM-25794; RM-25796; RM-25797; RM-25807; RM-25811; RM-25822; RM-25834; RM-25836; RM-25850; RM-25855; RM-25866; RM-25869; RM-25874; RM-25875; RM-25877; RM-25881; RM-25899; RM-25905; RM-25906; RM-25908; RM-25909; RM-25917; RM-25919; RM-25921; RM-25924; RM-25932; RM-25944; RM-25957; RM-25966; RM-25979; RM-25981; RM-25982; RM-25986; RM-25990; RM-25991; RM-25996; RM-25997; RM-25998; RM-26004; RM-26008; RM-26009; RM-26010; RM-26011; RM-26013; RM-26013; RM-26032; RM-26044; RM-26045; RM-26067; RM-26070; RM-26071; RM-26072; RM-26078; RM-26083; RM-26095; RM-26103; RM-26105; RM-26106; RM-26110; RM-26111; RM-26112; RM-26127; RM-26130; RM-26133; RM-26151; RM-26163; RM-26169; RM-26172; RM-26173; RM-26175; RM-26183; RM-26185; RM-26196; RM-26212; RM-26215; RM-26260; RM-26276; RM-26304; RM-26322; RM-26342; RM-26366; RM-26368; RM-26376; RM-26378; RM-26380; RM-26382; RM-26384; RM-26481; RM-26484; RM-26495; RM-26541; RM-26565; RM-26568; RM-26569; RM-26579; RM-26581; RM-26583; RM-26584; RM-26594; RM-26609; RM-26614; RM-26621; RM-26645; RM-26646; RM-26658.
CBS-10140; CBS-10163; CBS-10164; CBS-10165; CBS-10177; CBS-10178; CBS-10179; CBS-10182; CBS-10186; CBS-10195; CBS-10201; CBS-10203; CBS-10205; CBS-10206; CBS-10208; CBS-10210; CBS-10212; CBS-10214; CBS-10216; CBS-10219.

The following issues need additional installation of Hotfix HF2 to be effectively solved on x64 OS:
RM-25466; RM-25710; RM-25805 

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